Break ups

Break ups

A while ago I got so upset it seem one girl after another would get in my car and they were breaking up. It was between winter and spring.

A girl came into the car and I presumed from past experience it was the airport because of the luggage. I asked “Which Airport”. She looked at me and said “No, I just broke up with my boyfriend” I replied “Oh sorry” we chatted onto her destination. I presume her home and it was not pleasant. Another came in a few rides later and I said “How are you?” She replied “Oh I broke up”. We chatted it was a short trip.

Finally a day or two later another girl came in and said “I’m going to a suburb” I replied it will be about 30 minutes. She said ok. We had to talk about something I wasn’t going to stay quiet for that long. I asked her how she was and she replied. Not so good and stated. “I just broke up” I was like “Oh No” I listened and gave her advice for the long trip. She said I gave good advice.

I was now upset. Was it me that so many girls broke up or what? I felt kinda bad. Was I giving out the wrong vibes? I must have been upset or something. Another day or two passed  by and a girl came in and said “Are you ok?” I said I don’t know seem for the past few days several girls came in and they seem to have broken up. I feel it’s my fault.

She looked at me and smiled and said “No sweeties. It’s not your fault. Cuddle Season is Over” 🙂 I discovered then that in Chicago we have two season “Cuddle Season and Construction Season”

I took this as a sign maybe she was right the next day I saw this girl walk out of the door with her boyfriend smiling and waving as she got in my car. I saw the smile on her face also and realized that this lady was the rebound of “Cuddle Season” life moves on.