...beware of the evil SKYPE!

…beware of the evil SKYPE!

This guy comes in says “Hey been a while haven’ seen you a while”

I look at him and didn’t recognize him then he made a few comments of the last time I saw him which was a few weeks ago and I did remember him. I asked him “Hey how’s it going? What’s new? Good to see you again.”

He said all good now “I got back with my girlfriend.”

I said wow that’s good “What Happened I thought you all were good. How did you break up in the first place?”

He replied “Well I cheated on her and  something stupid happened.”

I said “You told her that you cheated?”

He said “No, but you won’t believe how she found out.” and he went on to say “My girlfriend was out of town and I was a little lonely and horny. You know what I mean”

*I nodded*

He said he knew this girl from somewhere school or something *I don’t recall where he said from* and he continued to say “While I had her over and I told her to leave the bedroom because I wanted to call my girlfriend who was out of town.” then he continued “As, I was speaking on Skype with my girl friend, my girl friend says to me ‘Who’s the naked girl in the background?’.”

I was like “What? Your girlfriend said that?

He nods and say “yes” then he continued with the story and said “I looked back and saw the girl I was with that night all naked walking across the room. I got busted!”

I was like “oh damn busted.”

He later asked her “Why were you in the room? I asked you to leave, she replied ‘I came to get my phone on he dresser charging and I thought you were on the phone NOT ON SKYPE’, I was like damn.”

I was like “Wow really busted and you got back with your girl friend now?”

He nodded and say “Yes.”