art and sense

art and sense

We all know that everyone has  5  senses and each has an art form except one. Let me explain.

Eyes is seeing it has Art. We can see in an Art Museum or gallery.

Ears is hearing is music. We can hear in concerts, radio, and so much more

Nose we have smelling. We have perfume.

Taste we have tongue. We have restaurants and food and candy hmmm candy. 🙂

Touch What do we have for Touching? Nothing. Think about it nothing, no museum for touching or art exhibit.

I was thinking about this. How about putting an exhibit solely based on touch. People can touch an art exhibit. They can not see, hear, smell or taste. Think about it. No seeing the object, hearing it, smelling it, or tasting it. A box that one put their hand in then touch, feel and enjoy that a piece of Art.

Feel the Softness, gooiness, bumpiness, sharpness, prickliness, different senses come out just feeling. Does this exist? Can it be made for the name of art?

Curious minds want to know. I want to know.