AO Japanese word for green and blue, which is it?

AO Japanese word for green and blue, which is it?

It’s amazing I found out that Japanese has one word for Blue/Green it’s Ao yip they did not┬ámake a difference between the color until sorta recently. When I did some research its just not the Japanese it’s alot of languages. I’m like wow so we are taught different colors?

This reminded me do we all see the same, hear the same? There is a genetic disease called color blindness that some people can not see some colors, some people hear differently. There is a ring tone that only people under 25 can hear over 25 too bad. All of our sense the world differently.

Hearing differently, seeing differently, can we smelling differently probably, taste differently of course, take Dr Pepper. Some love it and most hate it with a passion. The reason is that most people have this taste bud that they can taste the awful taste. A minority of people do not have that taste bud and can not taste that awful taste and only the sweetness.

So we all see the word differently, taste the world differently, hear the world differently and probably feel and smell the world differently that makes us all think differently

So someone says “I don’t get it.” maybe they sense the world “differently” so give some slack and they will give some slack in return.