My 2,000th Ride shows me a TV Show Location

I have been giving¬†many rides for the past 6 months. I like to call this my 2,000th ride. This couple comes in, they are originally from Germany and living in Califorinia. They are visiting Chicago for a few days. I pick them up form Downtown and on my way to Midway Airport. They ask me “Do you mind if we stop by a house to take photos before you drop us off?”. I agree.

I GPS the location and see that it’s a high crime low income area. I ask “Why do they want to go there?” They said there is a show on ShowTime called Shameless and they wanted a photo¬†of the house where the scenes was being filmed.

*locations of Chicago scenes*

We arrived and I pulled over. We met a guy in a white shirt who said was the son and lived literally across the street and the other gentleman in the orange shirt was from the security of the movie to clean up the place. The following are the photos.

House Location

IMG_20140901_093709392IMG_20140901_093903932 IMG_20140901_094331438

This is the 2nd House if you see the show it’s about a block or two away